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A hello and a request for advice

So. Up until just recently, I had my life all planned out. I was going to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School this summer, then after I graduate college in May, continue on with the Corps from there. Well, 3 weeks into OCS, I was absolutely miserable,  hated everything I was doing, and no longer wanted to be an officer in the Corps. So my plans have completely changed, and I have NO idea what I am going to do with myself upon graduation next spring.
How, you ask, does this pertain to this community?
You see, I am a history and creative writing double major, and all my history courses have focused on medieval Europe or thereabouts. So I was wondering if any of you fine ladies and gentlemen had some advice as to potential career paths dealing with my area of interest. I love Ren Faires, and have thought about trying to get a job there, but that is only a part of the year, and I don't know if my acting skills are up to par. What other jobs besides actors are at a Ren Faire? I know there must be many others. I'd also love to do medieval re-enactments, but have no idea whether that is a plausible job or not. I've even considered moving to Europe to seek a job at a castle or something like that. Medieval history jobs seem to be rather few and far between here in the States, for some odd reason. :)  But does anyone have any advice? How can I put my knowledge to work?

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Has anyone read the books by R Garcia y Robertson called the Knight Errant trilogy? I read the first one and have just finished the second LADY ROBIN. Some of Robin's thoughts about the way people in the Middle Ages did things are very funny. Does he plan on writing anymore books? With the way history turns out I highly doubt that she is going to stay with Edward.

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I had borrowed a book from my local public library called

The Burning Times: A Noved of Medieval France
-Jeanne Kalogridis

It was fanstastic. There were alot of words in there that I didn't understand but using my awesome ability at finding context clues, I figured it out.XD It's a rather large book, but I took most of my free time to read it. Quite a page-turner. Some of the scenes were so descriptive it made me squirm in my seat. There's another book I borrowed, that just gave some history over the High Middle Ages. But I don't believe I'll have much time to read it since I have to start reading Lord of the Flies for school. But Lord of the Flies seems rather thin and compact, I'm sure I could read that in about a day. Could anyone give me more information about S.C.A.? I've only recently been doing research on it. I'm going to my first meeting on Tuesday hopefully. What exactly should I do at a first meeting?

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I have just joined this community and I think it's fabulous. I've always though that I was born in the wrong century ever since I went to my first Ren. Fest when I was around the age of 5. I love all things mid-evil and in the dark ages. I also love everything from the Early-High Middle Ages. The art, the literature, the music, the simplicity, just everything. If anyone has any reccomendations of good reading material pertaining to Medieval/Middle Ages, please give me some titles and authors. Thank you so much.

Anybody know where I could find some Medieval Art online?
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I just joined. I am a lover of things Dark, Medieval, and Renaiss-ed. Really, truth be told, I am a lover of all things Aristotle, and my study of philosophy takes me through all ages of European history wherein Aristotle is brought back into the fore and pushed back down again depending on the power of contemporary thought etc...

Religious philosophy, too, engages my imagination, though on a purely intellectual level. I am always happy to make new friends and talk books or thinkers or religion or philosophy or drama or whatever fun things are happening around here. This looks like an interesting community!

Fiction recommendations?

I was wondering what good fiction you all know of that takes place during medieval/renaissance times. I'm freshly graduated from college, am looking for some well-written fluff that is non-taxing but compelling, and have recently become interested in this particular time period. I'm open to anything, including young adult fiction(I loved Quest for a Maid).

Corvus Corax at the PA Ren Faire

hello all!
that's correct, the german neo-medieval band Corvus Corax will be performing, for the first time ever in the United States at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire (http://www.parenfaire.com) in October (the weekend of the 14th & the 22nd!) i know this is a bit early, but i just wanted to give everyone a heads up! if anyone in the pennsylvania area is interested in medieval/german music, i encourage you to check them out!! you will not be disappointed ;) besides, the PA Ren. Faire is one of the best in the area (i've been attending for about 18 years!) also, the "Best Of" Corvus Corax, their first US release, is still available through amazon.com and isotank (http://www2.mailordercentral.com/isotank) if your not familiar with the band, this cd is a great introduction to their music!! also, to learn more about the band online, check out their homepage (http://www.corvuscorax.de) (in german) or my english language Corvus Corax site(http://www.geocities.com/estuans_intrinsecus)